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Cameron Mitchell is an Emmy award winning cameraman & Director of Photography/Producer who actively works in creating high quality television programming & documentaries for PBS and a diversified range of clientele.

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Coastal California

Discover and explore the people, places and history of Coastal California with our bon vivant host Amanda Wood - from the top of our golden state all the way south to the Mexican border. Coastal California is in production now.

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In Production

Walkin California

Join outdoor enthusiast and hiking adventurer & show host Steve Weldon as he puts his hiking boots on and hits the trails in some of the most beautiful parks and places throughout the Golden State of California.
From crystal clear mountain waterfalls too glorious deserted beaches. It's all here on "Walkin' California"

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Do Si Do In the Sky

Learn what it means to Do Si Do In the Sky as this award winning documentary short takes you into the life of a Army pilot in the 1950's & 60's as he performs at military airshows across the nation with the Blue Angels & the Thunderbirds much to everyone's delight.

Risk is the Price of Progress

NASA Test pilot Donald Mallick joins a very elite flight test program at NASA's Edwards Airforce base where he trains in flying the LLRV, otherwise known as the Lunar Land Rover Vehicle. See how his skills and the LLRV contributed to the first ever moon landing by Apollo 11.

Jump on your bicycle and enjoy the ride. This video was produced to highlight the energy & fun of cycling and to showcase as a Promotional video for bicycle shops to market their stores.


Join us on a quick adventure through northern California in this promo that shows many of the tourist high-lights of Tuluomne County California


Here our own Walkin California's show host Steve Weldon demonstrates all of the fun he's having hiking and enjoying California in this short host promo.


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